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What is ONEshot Drabble?
It's a small community of select writers, who write one-shots of all sorts! Some of them may be sexual, some of them may be a bit odd. But they will have ratings and be under a cut, so you don't have to read ones you don't like. Please comment in positive, no flaming, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is fine. Unless the author requests no criticism. These are one-shots of any length, styling and fandom. Certain fandoms more than others, such as Naruto, but any fandom is allowed.

Please come, watch, read and enjoy, or even ask to write for us here! I hope you enjoy the work here at ONEshot Drabble! <3

Who runs this place?
Creator: Ana (intoxica)
Moderator: Mari (coyul)

Who writes here?
- intoxica
- gothically
- lazynin
- coyul
- shadhahvar
- uni_mara
- dexteria
- ed77warr

Want to write here?
Please send an email or IM to Ana (intoxica) with an example of your work and a bit about you! <3

Who are we affiliated with?
The Naruto Crackpot (naruto_crackpot)
Naruko RP (narukorp)

Please contact Ana (intoxica) if you would like to affiliate with us here at ONEshot Drabble. It can be any kind of community or journal, preferably a fanclub, a role playing group or a writing journal though. As those make the most sense.

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