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[naruto] Kankurou/Kiba

Title: Dominance
Author: Steph (gothically)
Pairing: Kankurou/Kiba
Content: Nudity, Sexual Content, Yaoi
Rating: R - NC17

Kankurou threaded his fingers through the silky brown hair of the head resting on his lap. His dark green eyes gazed peacefully down at the relaxed face. He smiled remembering the times he had met Kiba, the Chuunin exams, the hopeless chase of Sasuke and all the non-mission related meetings since then.

He chuckled and his eyes gleamed remembering what he overheard that afternoon. It was a rumor passing between some young konohanin girls. Apparently everyone thought Kiba would be an animalistic dominant in a relationship. Another deep chuckle escaped him. Causing black eyes to blink open and peer up at him in curiosity.

He brought his hand down to trace his partners face, gently skimming over the red markings on soft cheeks. His own paint had been washed off earlier, Kiba was the only non family member to see him bare faced.

Leaning down he captured pale lips in a kiss, sneaking a tongue in and turning it passionate. He felt hands clutching at his pants and shirt. His own hands were tangled in soft brown locks and trail up underneath the other shirt, caressing the smooth skin beneath. He wrung a moan from his love when his hand brushed against a sensitive nipple. He broke away from the tempting lips, despite the moan of protest; he slipped his arms beneath the body of his lover and lifted him up as he stood carrying him bridal style to Kiba’s bedroom.

Lovingly he set Kiba down on the green coverlet on the bed. Twitching his fingers he sent chakra lines out and used them to remove Kiba’s shirt from the pale chest, fingers already playing across the newly revealed flesh. He lowered himself down next to his love on the bed, trailing kisses over a protruding collar bone and down the bared chest while he manipulated his lines to remove his partner’s pants and boxers. He smiled as Kiba gasped when cool air met his naked flesh.

Placing a lingering kiss on suppliant lips he regretfully stood up so he could stripped down. Once free of the restrictive clothing he lowered himself down over his love’s body. Sucking in air as flesh met flesh and the distinctive heat of arousal was further flamed. He groaned as Kiba arched into his body adding pressure to the sensation of naked skin. He attacked the offered neck licking and nipping as his mouth traveled from shoulder to earlobe, his tongue slithering out to lick around the shell of the ear.

He worried the lobe with his teeth; enjoy the gasp and wriggling form that his action created. He thrust his hips down using his weight to pin the squirming form, smirking at the drawn out moan before he set about stealing the breath from Kiba’s lungs. His hands drifted up and down Kiba’s quivering sides, brushing the tops of thighs before skimming back up over sensitive ribs.

He bit down on his lover’s lower lip, not hard enough to draw blood, just enough to make him cry out. He ran his nails back over the ribs causing the being beneath him to gasp and writhe. He reached up with one hand, searching under the pillows where he knew Kiba stashed his lube. He lifted himself off of his lover, smirking again as Kiba arched trying to maintain contact. He arched an eyebrow and waiting for his mate to roll over. He pulled a pillow down to support Kiba’s hips. He uncapped the lube, smile as the soft sent of strawberries wafted into the air. He squeezed some out on his fingers and placed the tube aside. He sighed contentedly at the sounds he was able to make his lover produce as he prepared him. It was audio heaven to him, the best sound on earth that only he was blessed with.

Once he had stretched Kiba’s entrance he used the remaining lube to slick up is cock. He placed his head at the widened hole and pushed gently in. he drew himself up so his body now covered Kiba’s. And as he pushed fully in he teased the juncture of neck and shoulder with his teeth, pulling the breathiest moan he had ever heard from his pet. Once he was fully sheathed in Kiba’s heat he stilled his body, working only with his mouth on the expanse of skin before him. He brought a hand up and tilted Kiba’s head to get better access to his neck.

Kiba whimpered, reminding him that he had other things that needed his attention. He growled as he withdrew from his partner’s body, and bit the shoulder as he thrust back in. Kiba’s head was thrown back as he moaned. Kiba’s body arched, silently pleading for more, not being able to find the voice to demand it.

Their bodies became slick with sweat, as the pace picked up; thrust became deeper and harder. He snuck a hand around the arch of Kiba’s hip finding his erection; he pumped it in time with his thrusts. Bring his mate over the edge with a howling cry. The clenching muscles dragged him over the edge and he emptied himself into his lover, biting into his neck.

The exhausted forms collapsed to the bed. He rolled of Kiba as not to crush him, barley noticing in his euphoric state that Kiba rolled over too. He smiled gently as he felt Kiba drag the extra blanket from the foot of the bed; they were both to lazy to move enough to get under to covers. Placing an arm around his smaller mate he tugged him close to his body, relishing the feeling of their bodies pressed together. Turning on his side he curled protectively around Kiba’s body. He then placed one last lingering good night kiss on Kiba’s forehead before surrendering to sleep.

This story was written for my aniki (Kankurou a.k.a intoxica)
It is based of an art piece she did which you can find here:
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This could work a prequal thing to my KankuKiba...
In a weird way... =O!

*Drools a bit.*
SACRE BLEU dats a spicy meatball +_____+ Yessah, Kiba is definitely the bitch in the relationship *uses appropiate icon*
XD love your icon
That was strange. Kankarou and Kiba pairing isn't my thing but this certainly caught my attention.