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[naruto] shikamaru/temari

Title: Typical Day.
Author: Jamie (dexteria)
Pairing: Shikamaru/Temari
Content: Mentions of sex; slight language.
Rating: PG-13

Yet another typical day in the Academy.

Nara Shikamaru could be found at his desk, in front of the room with his head propped up with one arm and another lazily flipping through the pages of a ninjutsu book. Not that any of the information was going through his mind (despite the fact that he had memorized it, already), but the fact that he was now currently experiencing the world's most fucked-up hangover disallowed him to function properly.

How he got it, he still couldn't remember, just the fact that he woke up in bed with half his clothes off (thankfully the pants were still on) and to a reeking smell that was present in his room. He had taken plenty of off-days as it is, so with no choice he came to work. Didn't want to keep his kids waiting, of course.

But it was that lingering feeling of warmth against his skin that puzzled him, or rather, scared him. Slowly but surely, unbidden by his own mind, small remembrances of soft caresses, whispered voices, smooth skin, moist li--

"Shikamaru-sensei!!!" One of his own students decided to project their voice in full volume right into Shikamaru's left ear, spittle and all, leaving him half-deaf and raising his irritation level.


"When will Temari-sensei be baaccckk?!? We miss her already!! We haven't gotten to the part where the woman org-"

Slamming his book shut, Shikamaru, whose headache had grown to a teeth-clenching piercing height, quickly interrupted the oh-so-innocent student. Tsunade-sama was entirely right in her choice in picking an eligible shinobi for Sex Ed. A bit too right for comfort.

"She went back to Suna for some kind of break. Had business to take care of, alright??"

The students in his room echoed a loud "awwwww" and went back to their assigned works, whispering among them on what kind of business would their beloved Sex-Ed teacher had to take care of to be torn away from them so suddenly. The reason came as unknown to the chuunin teacher as well.

Instead of opening his book once again, Shikamaru laid his throbbing head on the desk which at the moment contained more information that he had ever wanted. He groaned softly, hoping that the lunch bell would ring already, so that he might throw himself out of the window without his students having to witness his untimely death.

Which in this case, seemed like a welcomed bliss to him.

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