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[NARUTO] Kankurou/Sakura

Title: If Nothing Else... It's Unexplained
Author: Ana (intoxica)
Pairing: Kankurou/Sakura
Content: No sex, just emotions and conversation
Rating: PG (For a teeny tiny TINY bit of language)

He had run through it a million times over in his head, he racked his brain and still nothing seemed to come to him. Nothing he could think of could explain the way he felt for her, nor could it remotely reveal why he came to care so deeply for her. It was sudden, it was unexpected. But there was something about her eyes, her smile... Actually it was something about her in general that attracted him to her. He'd spoken to Gaara about these emotions numerous times, though he knew that wouldn't help, nothing against his brother. But he had to admit, love was not Gaara's strong point nor his forte.

It began a conflict in his mind, as much as he did enjoy joint missions, he was normally on them with her and he couldn't help but stare at her at times. Watching her tuck her pink hair behind her ears or her sea green eyes glitter in the sunlight or even the twilight. When had this begun? He wasn't even sure of that to start with, which probably did not help his situation. He hoped that she never caught him staring, now that would be something awkward to explain and he doubted that she of all people felt such a way for him.

Sometimes he had the desire to just wrap his arms about her and tell her that everything would be fine. He knew of the sadness she hid, she hid it well, but not from him... Not intentionally and not that she knew that, he just knew much about the ways of hiding things like that because of his brother. He had hardly realized that he was staring at her again and she was watching him in return.

"Uhm... Kankurou?" Sakura spoke softly, cocking a curious brow at her companion.

After blinking numerous times, he looked at her and his voice returned to him, "Uh... What?" He turned his head away indignantly after he spoke, as if he hadn't meant to be staring at her, that it was unintentional.

"You alright...?" She asked him, her eyebrow still furrowed and her voice still quite soft, "You stare at me a lot on these missions, I've noticed."

He kept her eyes averted, how the fuck was he supposed to respond to that? He could hardly figure such things out on his own, let alone be able to answer her questioning him about it. He closed his eyes, heaving a sigh and turning to her, his mind a blank. What could he say? He had no clue and he didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable, he was an idiot and probably looked like one at the moment. He was damn sure of that, very damn sure. But before he could even begin to explain it, she asked another question.

"How come you almost always wear the kabuki make-up? Nothing against it.... But, I'm curious." She smiled, knowing that her prior question about his staring would not be answered this night.

"Uhm..." He pondered a minute, "Comfort factor, I guess."
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