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[original] CedrikxOrin

Title: The Conductor
Author: Steph Gothically
Pairing: CedrikxOrin
Content: Tied up goodness, Oral, malexmale (obviously)
Rating: R

The music’s low tone simmered in the air rippling with the heat coming from the room’s two occupants. The whimpers were adding to the addictive beat. Moans drifted through the room half in beat with the song half just sound wrung from parted lips, the body gasping in between the moans.
Wrists tugged for freedom from the silken ropes binding them to the table. Ankles bond to the table legs at the other end of the table, forcing his knees up and apart. His tan skin glistened, dampened from the tongue that was doling out torture to his sensitive flesh. His long blonde hair fanned out behind his head, partially pinned under his body. His cries reached a higher pitch as his lover dribbled more of the cool chocolate syrup onto his already straining cock. He knew what was coming, and he wasn’t disappointed as his partner’s sly tongue gently started to lick the sticky substance from his member. He shouted out when a warm mouth fully engulfed his prick. Grey eyes twinkled with mirth as they looked up the body of his partner, whose eyes were squeezed shut, low wines emitting from the blonde’s throat from the sensations of his lovers mouth.
Soft brown locks tickled against the heightened senses of his thighs. Along with the mouth now working on his cock in conjecture with that amazing tongue, he couldn’t stop the cacophony of noises that were now pouring from his mouth, breathing forgotten. More important was just feeling the sensations; that’s what Cedrik said before they started this, and the magic that was being played upon his body told Orin that his lover was right.
His vision shot white even though his honey brown eyes flew open when Cedrik started humming. The feelings that were now playing on his body harmonized with the growing intensity he could hear of the Mozart pouring from the speakers.
It wasn’t long before the intensity brought Orin over the edge, screaming Cedrik’s name as he did so.
His mind slowly drifted back down to earth, senses re-connecting with reality and the tremors of pleasure lessened and faded away, leaving the ever pleasant afterglow of bliss. Closing his eyes he let the remaining sensations color his world, in brightness and melody, like the sunniest memory in harmony with every thing that was good in the world. The last traces of Mozart faded away; leaving the lingering impression of the passion and beauty that was sensation and sound.
Orin sighed as he felt his bindings loosen and fall away. Cedrik lifted the blonde’s limp body up with strong arms and he carried him across the loft apartment to the bath room. He set the smaller man down on the toilet seat just long enough to draw him a bath, before moving Orin into the tub, sliding in behind him so that his partner sat between his legs lounging back against his chest. Slowly he dragged a soft sponge across the tan skin of the blonde, cleaning away the remaining traces of the evenings experiment.
Finally the honey brown eyes regained the look of recognition of the world and peered up at the amused grey pair that belonged to his lover. Leaning up he placed a gentle kiss on the lips of the man that taught him so much. Much to Cedrik’s amusement the blonde drifted to sleep a few minutes later, thoroughly exhausted from the day’s activities. With greatest of care Cedrik lifted his mate from the water, and dried him off before tucking him into the green sheets of their bed. Grey eyes watched his sleeping partner thoughtfully before crawling into bed and spooning up behind him. It had been a long day. His last thought set a smile on his face before he too drifted off to sleep, it was only Friday.
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