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[NARUTO] Temari/Ino

Title: Sweat-Soaked Bodies
Author: Ana (intoxica)
Pairing: Temari/Ino
Content: Lesbian Action, Nudity
Rating: R (Lesbian Stuuuuuff, Nudity)

Ino sighed to herself and lounged in her beach chair, sipping her iced tea, a range of images flashed through her mind. Sweat-soaked flesh pressing against each other in steamed embrace. Breasts bare, nipples teased by a tongue flicking through luscious lips. Ack! She thought to herself, trying to push the images away from her mind, only for others to arise. Gentle feminine fingers lacing in the twines of her long blonde tresses, another arm about her hips, claws grinding her flesh delicately. Her mind drifting back and forth through the sensuous imagery of what had happened on her mission with the girl from the Sand Village. Reality seemed to be quite far from her and she hardly heard Shikamaru's or Chouji's voices.

"Uhm.... Ino-chan, you alright?" Chouji asked, both curiously and cautiously,"You've been weird since your mission.."

"Yeah, Temari is a troublesome woman," Shikamaru muttered a few spare statements about Temari,"What happened that's got you so distant, eh?"

"Ergh..." Her eye tweaked, should she tell them? Would they understand? No, they'd never get it or they'd be perverts about it. She closed her eyes, one still twitching,"NOTHING HAPPENED, ALRIGHT?!"

Her mind drifted again, her mind could hardly function correctly enough at this time for her to be able to comprehend her own emotions about what had happened that night. Most people had told she'd end up with Shikamaru or Sakura, but somehow she ended with the girl that she knew Shikamaru liked. Though he would endlessly deny such facts. That alone made her feel worse because that night felt complete, almost perfect to her. She hoped it was mutual from Temari.

"Well, if you need to talk we're here!" Chouji said smiling prior to shovelling some chips into his mouth.

Shikamaru simply nodded in compliance to Chouji's statement, smiling as well. She flailed and threw her blushing face into cupped hands, desiring to cry, but holding herself to certain standards. Meaning: she would positively NOT cry over this. She felt stupid and she felt angry, as well as happy, which only made her more angry and frustrated at the situation at hand. What was she going to do? Keep it in until it comes out at the worst possible time or something? She stared into the oblivion of dark that was in her cupped hands for a long while.

She could not bear to tell Shikamaru for fear of hurting him, and telling Chouji would only mean that it would quickly find its way to Shikamaru's ears to spite her. She gritted her teeth, she had to keep it in, she couldn't tell anyone... No one was to find out about that night. No one.
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