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[Naruto] Shikaku/Inoichi

Title: Memories of a Deer.
Author: Erica (uni_mara)
Pairing: Shikaku/Inoichi
Content: Men kissing. Uncomfortable feelings about being ghey. Rambling on my part. :\
Rating: PG-13

Shikaku was very comfortable with himself. ...Normally. Because normally, he spent a great deal of his time with males, who usually didn’t care what he looked like and respected his unique fighting abilities as he did theirs. It was a companionable relationship, usually accompanied by playful punches and kicks and fights, not meant for harm but the kind of play-fights puppies had.

According to Inuzuka Tsume, at least, who had seen one of their tussles and had merely grinned down at them while they wriggled around in an odd sort of wrestle with each other. Shikaku remembered that fairly well because Fugaku had untangled himself from the two blonds and Shikaku and stalked off, claiming to be more mature and dignified than to do it any longer.

The Uchiha had come back the next day and gotten one of the blonds from before into a headlock, however, disproving his previous statement. Shikaku could remember how that had made Inoichi start laughing.

He sighed and shook his head, trying to push the thoughts of childhood out of his mind and looked back into the mirror. No use thinking of such things now. Fingers running through his hair, Shikaku tried to settle it down again. It was no real use. His hair was too spiky and thick and just stuck up all over if he didn’t tie it back into his normal ponytail.

A small grunt escaped his mouth as he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”

Turning, Shikaku grinned at the man who came into the bathroom.

“Ah, the husband-to-be isn’t thinking about climbing out the window and bolting, is he?” Inoichi grinned, pointing at the window and raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, you know me too well,” he shook his head, smirking and turning back to the mirror.

“Of course, it’s natural for a deer to have the urge to run away when a fierce, man-eating predator is merely feet away,” the blond chuckled evilly, making exaggerated movements of an animal stalking something as he came closer to his friend. Shikaku’s grin faltered, not quite knowing if the Yamanaka had meant himself or Yoshino.

“Is there any other reason for you to be here, other than to say I’m scared?” He looked at his friend through the mirror and starting putting his hair back into the ponytail. Inoichi straightened, and Shikaku was reminded of the first time he ever really saw the other boy. Standing as tall as he could without trying to make it obvious, looking around with a faux air of superiority, and trying to establish a chain of command right away with him at the top of it. It had been oddly cute back then, although he never admitted it.

Inoichi didn’t look that way now. He was loose in stature, and had a blank look that seemed to speak volumes and still only left Shikaku feeling confused. The deer turned, looking back and caught between the urge to ask what was wrong and the feeling that he should have already known.

Another memory came to him. This one of pale skin beneath slightly tan fingers, of blue eyes trying to glare, but conveying nothing but lust, of his friend on the verge of being something more, much more. He shut his eyes and rubbed them against the thought, trying to force it away.

He felt a hand on that wrist, tugging it away from his eyes and met those blue eyes again. Not filled with heat this time. Not the way he remembered them. But there was an attentive coolness. Inoichi was thinking, and he was trying to be in control again. Something he had gotten better at over the years.

There was no time to think before he pressed closer, mashing his lips against Shikaku’s and pushing him back. Teeth and tongue worked on his lips and against his closed teeth, fingers moving over his neck and the back of his head, making sure that he wouldn’t be able to get away from the kiss.

To be honest, though, Shikaku didn’t want to get away. The embrace was something he was familiar with. He opened up to the kiss, and Inoichi pressed closer. His hands found their familiar place--oh, he had done this far too often--on the other man’s hips. Memories flashed across his mind. A million kisses, hot and heavy, soft and tender, quick little pecks in almost public places, but most hidden behind doors and shut windows. A million little instances where Chouza and their team sensei almost found out, or where Shikaku almost told him.

A million secrets he could never tell.

Shikaku pulled back, panting against Inoichi’s mouth and jerking back when the blond tried to press another kiss against him. This was...

“We can’t...”

He was...

“Yes we can,” a husky voice, those blue eyes heated again and trying to pull him in. Oh, how many times had he seen those hot eyes?

“I can’t.”

Far too many.

He pushed the other man away, and looked back at the mirror. Who were those men looking back at him? Were they lovers? Were they in love? Were they... Weird?

“You’re not making this any easier for me.”

“Well, that was kind of the point,” the blond man in the mirror tried to grin and failed horribly. Shikaku looked from the glass to his friend, seeing the strained features and frowning at them. He wanted to make him smile again. Inoichi would always smile, could always give a cheeky grin after a kiss from his friend--were they friends? Were they something more?

“I’m getting married,” Shikaku muttered quietly. It wasn’t meant to make Inoichi shy away, but it did anyway. Shikaku repressed the urge to pull him back. He was getting married. He wasn’t weird like that.

Nothing else was said between the two of them, and Shikaku simply left to go to his own ceremony. Inoichi never showed up to it.
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