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[NARUTO] Temari/Hinata

Title: Love Is Stupid
Author: Ana (intoxica)
Pairing: Temari/Hinata
Content: Shower Scene/Nudity, Some Language
Rating: R (Nudity, Some Language)

The blonde blinked, staring at herself in her mirror, she removed the hair-ties from her signature ponytails. She'd just returned from a mission, it was strange what swarmed through her head during the mission, as she couldn't seem to concentrate, which was not like her. She'd also never worked with that quiet Hyuuga girl before, nor had the thoughts that entered her brain over said girl ever come to mind about any of Konoha's other kunoichi. She couldn't seem to explain it to herself why she was feeling these things. She put a stressed and tensed hand to her forehead, closing an eye.

"What the fuck...?" She asked herself, withough actually asking herself. She tilted her head back and stared into the overhead light, desiring to blind herself momentarily.

She took off her clothing and stared at herself in the mirror for a few minutes before turning to the shower, she twisted the knob to get the water on the colder end of warm. Then she stepped in and let the water hit her bare body. Again, those thoughts returned, but this time they weren't exactly appropriate and it startled her and she slipped a bit and fell. Gaara and Kankurou heard both the thud and and the crash of the toiletry bottles, they both headed to the door and knocked, both somewhat curious and concerned.

"Oi, Temari, you alright in there?" Kankurou yelled, creaking the door open slightly, Gaara remained quiet and at his brother's side.

"You know, I'm IN THE FUCKING SHOWER!!!" Temari said frustrated, as she stood herself up,"Some stuff happened in my head about my mission with Hin ---- Just go away, I'm fine!!!"

"T'ch, we were just worried, maybe we won't next time!" Kankurou scoffed and then headed towards the kitchen, muttering a few profanities about how Temari needed an attitude adjustment.

Gaara blinked and looked at the door to the bathroom, he chose against saying anything and followed his brother to the kitchen. Temari sighed and propped herself against the shower wall, her bare form being soaked by the spray from the shower head. Why was it that Hinata has such an effect on her mind at the moment? Was it her new... look? Temari's own mind slapped her for the thoughts that ensued from that and she didn't know how to explain it to herself.

"Jeez, why is it that I feel for a GIRL?" Temari gritted her teeth and ran her finger through her water-drenched hair, stopping and letting her arm rest against her face. She then closed her eyes and bumped her head against the wall lightly, a few times.

Love is a stupid thing, very stupid, though for some weird reason these emotions... They felt right to her and that alone weirded her out.

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