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[Naruto] ...Crack pairing.

Title: Weirdos...
Author: Erica (uni_mara
Pairing: Guess...
Content: Naruto THINKS. D:
Rating: PG.

Kankurou and Temari were weird. This was a fact of life that Naruto was quite sure was absolutely true and indubitable. Although, to be honest, Gaara was pretty weird too, so maybe it was just Suna that made people weird. Naruto looked over at his companion and tried to measure the said level of weirdness emulating from the red-haired ninja. Gaara only glanced over at him, didn’t even have to move his head, and Naruto looked to the side, trying to look interested in a couple of kids playing games in the street.

Oh yeah, he was weird. But, as odd as he was, his siblings were still weirder. That or Naruto could just relate to Gaara like he couldn’t with Kankurou or Temari, so they just seemed weirder from his perspective.

“So...” Naruto said, drawing out the word as long as he could, trying to think up a conversation he could strike up, “Didn’t expect you to come to Konoha for a visit.”

“I didn’t come for a visit,” Gaara answered, not looking over at Naruto as he replied, “I came for negotiations with your Hokage. Kankurou and Temari merely accompanied me.”

“Right,” Naruto muttered, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking back to try and see Shikamaru’s home. There were a lot of reasons that the Suna siblings were weird. Gaara’s being the most obvious. Kankurou’s and Temari’s not so much until one got to know them. And Gaara probably knew them better than anyone else, so Naruto was not surprised when he had made the choices he did. Well, that’s not really true, he had been surprised with the proposition Gaara had given him; and how eerily calmly the other male had given it. But, to be honest, after thinking it out he could understand why him.

“There he is,” Gaara said, jarring Naruto out of his thoughts and nodding to a fidgety, green-clan ninja in orange leg warmers Naruto knew quite well. Naruto sighed. That was Kankurou and Temari’s weirdest trait. They could condone the homosexual tendencies of their brother, and of their leader, the Kazekage, if Naruto was the one he was with--

“Ah! Gaara, Naruto-kun!” Lee grinned, hopping over to the two of them and fidgeting, obviously holding something behind his back from the stance he had assumed. He puffed out his chest (not a hard feat for a taijutsu master) and presented the object from behind his back with a flourish. Half of Gaara’s face was instantly buried in soft, pink flowers.

Gaara just blinked, and took a hold of the bouquet, pulling it away from his face, “You do not know how to court a man properly, do you?”

Naruto chuckled as Lee’s face fell. Yes, Kankurou and Temari could accept that their little brother and ruler of their nation could be gay, but not if he was being gay with Rock Lee. Which, as it turned out, was the person he did want to be with. Well, love was weird, and the forbidden fruit (no pun intended) was usually what people sought after once denied it.

Personally, he didn’t care. And, if Gaara needed him to, he’d keep being the one to take the redhead away from the two siblings and drop him off with Lee, where he wanted to be. And it was kind of cute how Lee kept being flustered and weird, even months after the relationship had started. Well, cute in a really weird way.

“Its fine,” Gaara cut in, severing both Naruto’s thoughts and Lee’s rambled explanations and apologies. He crossed his arms, keeping the flowers close enough for Lee to know he appreciated the gesture, if not the actual gift. He grinned and replaced Naruto’s position at Gaara’s side; the blond leaving the two alone to do whatever the hell it was they did when alone.

That wasn’t a train of thought Naruto wanted to keep going, so he waved and called back his goodbyes to the two, and ran off to find Sakura-chan.

Author's Note:Made because a line of Ana's story, can be found here, amused me. She knows I only pick on her because I love 'er. ♥
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